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Flax Seed
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From one of the oldest fibre crops in the world come our wholesome flaxseeds. These crisp little wonder seeds make for a healthy addition to your diet and bring a gentle, nutty flavour to your meals. Add a handful to your breakfasts or mix it into your snacks for a crunchy texture and easy flavour. Relish the nutty flavour of organic flaxseeds that give your food a crunchy texture and are full of wholesome goodness.



The flavor is warm, earthy and subtly nutty. Flaxseeds oil is also very beneficial. To ensure that organic consumers get the best value for money, Morarka has procured the same from Jhalore and Sanchore regions of Rajasthan. It is also a delight for vegans and vegetarians as it is a non-animal source of omega-3 fatty acid and is often used as an egg substitute in baked products to add structure and body to the food.

Health benefits of flax seed:

  Good source of Omega-3 fatty acids: Flax seeds are rich inomega-3 essential fatty acids which help in combating inflammation. Omega-3s are especially good for those suffering from hypertension, as it helps to regulate blood pressure.

   Rich in multiple nutrients: High in nutrients such as vitamin B complex, magnesium and manganese. They also help to lower cholesterol.

   Good for digestion: These seeds are full of fiber and hence act as a natural laxative

   Anti carcinogenic properties: Flax seeds have high levels of lignans (plant chemicals with lots of health benefits) which help in protecting against breast and prostate cancer.

   Protection against diabetes: Flax seeds are known to decrease insulin resistance and help in regulating blood sugar. The lignans in flax seed may actually help prevent diabetes.



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