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To help in blood purification, skin disease asthma, piles and tumors.


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Sangri is not exotic vegetables but are wild beans of Khejari that grow independently and abundantly in the vast desert areas especially in Western Rajasthan- Jaisalmer and Barmer. The story goes that Sangri was discovered ages ago by Rajasthani villagers during the time of a great famine when all other natural vegetation, which was scarce anyways, had died and withered away. But Sangri (longish beans) along with ker (small, radish-like pods) flourished unconcernedly in the punishing sun. Intrigued by the appearance of these beans and berries and delighted by their availability, the villagers took them home. There was no water for cooking because of the famine so the villagers dried the beans and cooked them in vegetable oil along with chilies and other spices. They had something wonderful to eat with their bajra (millet) rotis. It is also cooked in water or buttermilk. Incredibly, Ker sangri continues to be prepared in this simple manner and is one of the mainstays of the Marwari kitchen and a "must have" recipe on wedding menus even today. They are full of medicinal values and are used as a major ingredient of Marwadi delicacies.


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