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A delicate cooking herb with a penetrating fragrance aids in digestion and have soothing effect on the senses.


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Thyme herbs impart intense flavor to the recipes and should be added sparingly. In order to keep the fragrance and flavor intact thyme herb is generally added at the last moment in the cooking recipes.This is because prolonged cooking results in evaporation of its essential oil.
Dried thyme can be added to tomato bases for pizzas. One tablespoon of thyme can also be added to meaty soups, casseroles and spaghetti bolognaise. It may even be added to dough when making bread, or very sparingly in biscuit recipes. For a delicious vegetable stock, mix a medley of roasted vegetables in boiling water with salt, pepper and garlic and 1-3 tsp thyme. Simmer for half an hour, then strain and discard the vegetables and use the liquid as a base for soups, marinades or casseroles. The stock can also be used to make flavor some gravy to serve with roast meat, vegetarian and tofu dishes.



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