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Moong Dal Plain
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It is very nutritious and easy to digest best food for growing babies.



Moong dal is known to be very good for children, elderly people and those who are ill because it can be easily digested. Moong dal cooks into a nice mushy texture. It tends to cause less gas. This is very popular dal and has a delicious creamy taste and smooth texture, golden in color.
Moong dal is a healthy baby food as it is rich in iron, proteins, minerals, vitamin B and is high in fiber. This tiny little dal is given to a growing baby as a complete nutritious diet. Moong dal helps with the digestion and produces less heat to the body compared to other lentils. An ideal dish, especially for mothers, to give a protein rich diet to their kids/children. Moong dal contains proteins and butter adds saturated fats needed for growth.



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