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Rajasthani Besan Gatta
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Very delicious traditional Indian desert curry, popular in Rajasthan.


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A food that traces its lineage to the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. Non availability of fresh vegetables forced housewives to innovate and churn out food dishes made only from the limited grains and pulses that could be cultivated in the harsh climates of deserts. Despite being made from Chana Besan, but cooked in Butter Milk gravy it provided the complete nourishment.

This has been an everyday food for centuries in almost all the households, but with more and more regular availability of fresh vegetables this has become only a ceremonial food, thus even the skills to make tasty Besan Gatta sabji has also been lost.

Down To Earth has revived the age old recipe for this dish and converted it into a tin pack food for those who still remember the taste of this healthy and nourishing food.

Rajasthani gatta masala is very delicious traditional Indian curry popular in Rajasthan. People eat this with various Indian breads specially bati, rice, dal and churma. It is included as main dish. Without gatta curry Rajasthani meal is incomplete. It is not only protein rich but it also provides calcium and energy.



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