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Mangodi Kadhi
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Manghodi kadhi is a tangy, delectable dish of lightly spiced yoghurt that can be relished with steamed rice and also with bajra rotis made from Pearl millet.


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Famed Jaipuri Mangodi Kadhi is a tasty dish from Rajasthan that brings alive the true flavour of Marwar. It is a meal in itself. Mangodis are roasted, crushed and then cooked with yoghurt to make delectable dish that can be relished with bajra rotis or tikkar. The Rajasthani staple mangodi kadhi is more popularly known as ‘’khatta”. Kadhi-chanwal is a meal, combination that features almost every other day in Rajasthani households. It is a nutritious and wholesome recipe. This type of kadhi is a best combination of protein and calcium rich recipe which nourishes the body in its unique tasty ways. Mangodis are prepared using split green gram and cowpea mogar with Morarka Organic’s flavorful spices.Manyceremonial foods have this Mangodi Kadhi even today.


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