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Wheat Dalia
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A very special variety of wheat is processed into granular grains by innovative pounding process for real taste and all the health benefits.


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Wheat Dalia – Porridge is integral to the everyday diet of health conscious consumers.
The present day agriculture produce is full of chemicals and pesticides, adversely affecting the health of the consumers. Morarka Organic has introduced 100 % CERTIFIED Organic Wheat Dalia. It is not only free from chemicals and pesticides, but is also very tasty and good for health.
Wheat dalia is a healthy food option, though it is not particularly high in protein source (9-12%) but it is an excellent source of carbohydrate, rich in fiber, starch and gluten and so it releases glucose very slowly in the blood, hence helps in maintaining blood sugar level and reduce cholesterol level.
Wheat dalia is an excellent food choice as it protects from constipation, heart diseases, obesity and diabetes. Wheat dalia has all eight essential amino acids needed for great muscles, good hair, skin and eyesight.



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