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Italian Seasoning
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Herbal seasoning blend can enrich the flavor of soups, sandwiches, pizza and pasta.


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This herb blend typically consists of dried basil, oregano, tomato flakes and thyme. Other variations include the addition of garlic and red pepper flakes. Representing the traditional seasonings of Italian cuisine, this flavor-booster has become a kitchen classic for its versatility and ease of use in a wide variety of recipes.
This organic robust seasoning brings the classic taste of Italy to all kinds of dishes. Sprinkle it on pizza, sub sandwiches and fresh tomatoes or stir it into pasta sauce, meat marinades or soups and stews. Use it to season beef, poultry and lamb before roasting or mix it with butter and Parmesan cheese for a delicious French bread spread.  Use a completely dry measuring spoon when dipping into the bottle or container. Avoid sprinkling directly from the bottle into a steaming pot. The hot moisture causes caking and hastens flavor loss.



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