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Fenugreek Powder
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Fenugreek Powder is an ayurvedic powerful Indian spice used from centuries as a spice to increase the taste of curries.


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With the increasing popularity of Indian Curry, this spice is in demand everywhere. Fenugreek powder is obtained from grounded and roasted fenugreek. The powdered fenugreek seed has a beautiful golden yellow color due to its coloring agent called Coumadin. This very powerful Indian spice plays an essential part in the flavor of curry powder. Its bitter and sweet flavor is used in soups, dals, beans, vegetable dishes, and seafood dishes. It is also used in the sugary balls, ladoos. In North India, fenugreek is used in lamb stews. In the South it is used in almost everything; breads, chutneys, curries and dals. In North Africa it is also used in bread.
Fenugreek's medicinal uses were first discovered by ancient Greeks and Egyptians: It eases digestions, relieves diarrhea, relieves chronic coughs and promotes lactation. It may also lower blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels.



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