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Healthy, nutritious and filling recipe for breakfast. Dish is rich in fiber because of whole wheat and vegetables, keep you full for longer time.


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Vegetable Dalia is a great breakfast recipe with broken wheat cooked in water along with vegetables and seasonings. A fiber rich and energy giving vegetable Dalia is delicious when served hot with chopped coriander leaves as garnish. Dalia or broken wheat is an extremely nutritious cereal.
Its high in fiber and helps relieve you from constipation and other stomach disorders. This can be given to the baby about once a week to ensure a happy stomach.  Adults can have this everyday for lunch/dinner in order to shed some excess weight. Dalia is a perfect substitute for rice in any pulao or biryani. It can even be eaten with dal and sabzi. Once it is mixed with curries, it tastes exactly like rice.
The calorie reduces and the fiber nutrition goes up. It is excellent for digestion as well and can be given to babies over the age of one year.



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