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Moong Dal Mangodi Plain
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Healthy and delicious with aloo, curries, pulao & more. A remarkable culinary innovation from the deserts of Rajasthan by the Marwari. The purity of ingredients gives the perfect taste to this culinary delight.


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Mangodi is a recipe prepared by soaking mung dal and cowpea mogarin water for 2-3 hours and grinding it into a paste after adding salt to taste.Make it into small round shapes and let it dry under sun for two days. The mostcommonly used dal to make mangodi is the mung dal. Mangodi are rich in proteinsas these are made from dal. When combined with any cereal it gives protein ofhigh biological value. When eaten in combination with vegetables such as methi,spinach or potatoes it’s antioxidant value increases, thus helps fighting withfree radicals that may lead to cancer. It is an easy to digest food and gives acalming effect to the body due to the presence of moong dal. Ginger present inmangodi helps in thinning of blood hence good for hypertensive patients.



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